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I, Jonathan, have been cooking for 20 plus years. I first started by grilling with my father and baking with my grandmother when I was about 16. While Diane started out cooking for herself once she moved out of her parents. She started out like the rest of us by just following other recipes. We started coming up with our own recipes when we started to notice that certain recipes seemed to be missing something.

Hi, We are Diane and Jonathan!

We have created this space as a way to share our cooking experiences as well as our most loved recipies. Certain recipies are just modifications of outher recipies while others are compleatly new creations. 

Whats On The Table?


Diane has been on a low-carb Keto diet for a few months and we have found ways of making some of our favorite dishes in a low-carb way. This is one...

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Diane's AirFryer Chicken Dish

There is a certain steakhouse that we have frequented where Diane primarily gets one dish from. It is one of their chicken recipes. We have found a...

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Crunchy Wrap

While I was growing up, a specific fast-food chain became popular because of its Hispanic foods. For most of us, this chain provided the tacos of o...

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